Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Japanese students in Hodmezovasarhely

Sixteen Japanese students came to Hodmezovasarhely yesterday and they are going to stay here until 6th August. They were invited by the mayor of Hodmezovasarhely to spend some relaxing time after the tsunami hit their homes. Some of them lost relatives in the disaster others still live in shelters as their homes were completely ruined. The 12 girls and 4 boys were chosen with the help of the Japanese ambassador, Mr Ito Tecuo. They wanted to invite students who were closely affected by the catastrophy and who were willing to get to know Hungary.
Mr Ito Tecuo greeted them after landing in Budapest along with Janos Lazar, mayor of Hodmezovasarhely. They will spend some time in Hodmezovasarhely and Szeged but will also be taken to Opusztaszer, Budapest and Lake Balaton to explore the country.
Local and Szeged university students are going to help them to forget about their tragedy during their stay and provide them with an unforgettable experience. We really hope they will like our town and our country and have a great time. All the expenses are paid by the town of Hodmezovasarhely.

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