Monday, 6 February 2012

Winter photos from Hodmezovasarhely

It is unusually cold in Hodmezovasarhely. The last time people in Hodmezovasarhely experienced such cold was in 1987 and since then there was not so much snow either. It has been snowing from three days now, local schools are closed for two days and getting from one place to another has got quite difficult. 

The temperature is around -10 Celsius (14 F) during the day and it is around -20 C (-4 F) at night. I would like to illustrate this weather in Hodmezovasarheyl with some photos.

It is not easy for animals either.
Waiting for birds

Usually busy places are not so busy at the moment in Hodmezovasarhely although the most important roads are cleaned it is still very difficult to drive.
Hodmezovasarhely Heroes' square, roundabout

Everything is covered in thick snow even the bus stops.
Hodmezovasarhely, in front of Hotel Ginkgo

The snow is about 50 centimetres thick you cannot tell where the pavement starts and where the road is.
Hodmezovasarhely Reformed church
Nobody goes shopping in Szegfu street.
Hodmezovasarhely, car covered in snow

Still snowing at night in Hodmezovasarhely

Somebody is throwing snowballs

Although it is very cold and makes life unusually hard, it is beautiful. It's a shame there is no mountain outside Hodmezovasarhely.
Hodmezovasarhely people battling with severe weather

Beautiful main square covered in snow. Not easy to get from one end of the square to the other but nice to look at.
Hodmezovasarhely, Kossuth square in winter

Winter is especially hard this February in Middle Europe with lots of minuses.
Lots of snow in Hodmezovasarhely

As you can see it is getting colder and colder as the night approaches.
Hodmezovasarhely, cold night