Monday, 18 July 2011

Finswimming World Championship in Hodmezovasarhely

This year Hodmezovasarhely will be the place that can organise the Finswimming World Championship between 28th July and 7th August.
It will be held in Gyarmati Dezso Swimming pool and the organisers have already announced that technical conditions are satisfactory. It is important as almost 400 participants are coming to Hodmezovasarhely from more than 40 different countries. The organisers are hoping that even more will qualify for the championship and break the present record of Mallorca where sportsmen and sportswomen participated from 44 countries.Originally it was going to be held in Neiva, Columbia buta t the beginning the CMAS decided against it and Hodmezovasarhely got the chance to organise it.
One of the best parts of itt hat it is completely free to watch the championship there will be no entrance fee. Although you should be careful about parking as the parking space of the swimming pool is not very big. Perhaps th ebest idea is to walk from your hotel or if you are not staying in Hodmezovasarhely leave your car int he town centre and walk from there to the place. It is worth to see you cannot see such a championship in Hungary.


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