Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hodmezovasarhely Hungary

Hodmezovasarhely lies in the south-eastern part of Hungary only 25 km away from Szeged. Although it has one of the biggest administrative area the town itself is not very big. As it was and still is an agricultural town you can't find a traditional Old Town with narrow and crooked little streets.

Kossuth square

There are older parts of Hodmezovasarhely where you can see traditional peasant houses along with rich farmers's houses and other old buildings. The centre is not very big but it is filled with beautiful buildings. Kossuth square is the main square in Hodmezovasarhely where you can see the Town Hall, the post office, a bank, Alfoldi Gallery and Fekete Sas or Black Eagle which used to be a hotel but now it functions as a place for balls, conferences and different performances.
This square is the most important meeting point for people and a favourite place to relax. There are always children running around, students relaxing after school and pensioners resting on the benches. Just opposite Kossuth square there is a nice outdoor cafe where you can have a snack, a drink or an ice-cream and watch people go by.
No wonder Hodmezovasarhely is the first slow town in Hungary. It is a place where you can take your time you don't feel the urge to rush into things. Local people like foreigners a lot they are very friendly and helpful even if they have problems with communicating in English. Young people can usually speak foreign languages, especially English or German and are usually willing to do so. There are many hotels and guest houses where tourists can stay during their visit. There's a swimming pool and spa where you can swim or just relax or visit Martely, a nearby village on the River Tisza backwater.On the whole I love living here and I think there's no better place to live.
Hodmezovasarhely is a town where people care about each other and help one other. More and more people realize it that's one of the reasons why people from other countries setle down in the local retirement home. Clean air, friendly people, livable place, what else would you need?