Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hodmezovasarhely Map

Selection of Hodmezovasarhely maps

One of the best is Google's digital map. You can find streets and even numbers and since January you can find Google maps traffic data.

Nagyobb térképre váltás

Google Satellite Maps - the quality is outstanding in and around Hodmezovasarhely.

Nagyobb térképre váltás    Hodmezovasarhely swimming pool satellite map

 A HISZI maps - you can also see the streets in these maps one of its advantages is that you can also find local businesses. Its size is changeable but it is a bit time cosuming to use.

HISZI maps

 A's map is less detailed but it is especially useful for drivers. You can see the different types of roads, the city you are looking for can be found in a red circle.

Telepuleskereso maps

A Viamichelin map is mostly a route planner, very precise and useful for those travelling by car.You can only see the main streets in city maps.

Viamichelin maps

Downloadable and printable Hodmezovasarhely city centre maps (jpg):
  Hodmezovasarhely zsebterkep

Downloadable and printable Hodmezovasarhely maps with sights (jpg):
  Hodmezovasarhely maps

Hodmezovasarhely maps

Hodmezovasarhely maps (GIF)

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