Monday, 4 April 2011

Global Volunteers in Hodmezovasarhely

Last Saturday a team of Global Volunteers ( ) arrived in Hodmezovasarhely and will stay with us until the middle of April.

Global Volunteers

Hodmezovasarhely is the only town in Hungary that invited Global Volunteers. It is an apolitical, nonsecreterian organization doing all sorts of work worldwide. They would go to any place basically but they have to be asked. Our local government asked them to come here and they did. In Hodmezovasarhely they have been teaching English to primary and secondary students for many years. They join English lessons in local schools and encourage students to use the English language. Most students are very happy to realize they can understand native speakers and become more confident. In my opinion their work is very important as students both young and older see what the point is in learning a language.
The volunteers are extremely popular they keep saying they're greeted even in the streets and sometimes invited to homes. They also give free lessons during their stay in Hodmezovasarhely in Nemeth Laszlo Primary and Secondary Grammar School (Hodmezovasarhely, Ormos Ede u. 18). The lessons will be between 4:30 and 6:30 pm on every weekday.
Nemeth Laszlo Primary and Secondary Grammar School

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