Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hodmezovasarhely – Annual Autumn Exhibition

Hodmezovasarhely Alfoldi Gallery

Last Sunday was the opening of the 58th Annual Autumn Exhibition in Hodmezovasarhely as the main attraction of Autumn Weeks of Hodmezovasarhely.
It is such a unique exhibition in Hungary as it is the only one that has been organised since 1954. You can see the works of art of contemporary atrists who are connected to Hodmezovasarhely or the previous exhibitions in a way. 
The artists are invited to send their pieces of art to the exhibition and only the carefully selected paintings, sculptures and other pieces can be seen by the public.
Every year one artist gets the Tornyai plaquette, a prize named after the famous painter, Janos Tornyai, to recognise their outstanding work and talent but an artist can get this acknowledgement only once in their lifetime. 
This year Peter Kovacs, graphic artist got the plaquette. Since the second exhibition there has been a catalogue of the pieces which you can buy int he museum.

The exhibition can be seen in Alfoldi Gallery in Kossuth square, Hodmezovasarhely, next to the Town Hall. It is open every day except Monday between 8th October and 4th December. Opening hours  10.00 a.m. – 18.00 p.m.

My two favourite pieces of art from the exhibition


Tibor Erdélyi - Képviselők

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