Thursday, 2 June 2011

Hodmezovasarhely Photos

You're not going to get a lot to read. I took some photos of Hodmezovasarhely in spring. Enjoy our slow city!

On the right side of the photo you can see Fekete Sas or Black eagle which used to be the only hotel in Hodmezovasarhely. Nowadays it is a restaurant where you can have excellent lunch and in the other part there is a cafe where, if the weather is good, you can sit outside. Lovely coffee and tiramisu! On the other side of the picture there is a brick building. It used to be a casino for soldiers but now concerts are organised here for young people.
The northern part of Kossuth square

The first few buildings in Zrinyi street are Fekete Sas and Ginkgo Hotel on the right. If you go further this street you can find the hospital on the left. You can go to the end of it and you will find a farm where you can go horseriding. Outside Hodmezovasarhely if you go further up you will get to the Tisza backwater and you can stroll on the embankment. Be careful, in the evenings there can be lots of mosquitos.
Zrinyi street

Ide Hotel Gimkgo in Hodmezovasarhely the only four-star hotel. As the hotel is not very big the staff is very friendly and it is right in the middle of Hodmezovasarhely. Very good coffee and tea in the bar.
Ginkgo Hotel 

This is the fountain which you cannot see only the wet patches on the ground. It is always full of little children getting soaking wet in the water.
In front of Ginkgo
That's how slow Hodmezovasarhely is! No-one around.
Still in Zrinyi street

In front of the Town Hall you can see a bell on the left. It used to be in the tower but there was a fire in 1970 and the bell had to be taken down. My brother-in-laws father was among the people who put the bell to this place.
Town Hall and the bell

Still in Kossuth square but in the southern part you can see Alfoldi Gallery. In the hot summer if you want to cool yourself down visit this gallery and enjoy the paintings of local painters and other works from the region.
Alfoldi Gallery in the background
Not so slow here. On the left you can see people riding bikes. There are bicycle lanes all over Hodmezovasarhely making it a safer place for  locals and tourists as well.
Rapcsak Andras street

He could bring some more money to Hodmezovasarhely :)
Mercury on the roof of the bank in Kossuth square

Mainly pedestrian area in the middle of Hodmezovasarhely. There are lovely butiques and small shops where you can spend your money.
Szekfu street

Nepkert is a park and a playgroup just a few steps away from the Town Hall and next to the swimming pool. Take a walk there and enjoy some fresh air in the heart of Hodmezovasarhely.
On the way to Nepkert



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